[Coming Soon] Retainful’s Broadcast

Retainful is only days away from launching the most-awaited Broadcast feature. Soon, you can send emails to multiple customers in one go.

We at Retainful want our merchants to reach their customers at the right time and create a long-lasting relationships. This is possible only when you have a streamlined engagement process and that’s why we’re launching Broadcast.

Create Broadcast

For example, let’s take a Black Friday deal

When you’re running a Black Friday deal in your store, you must notify customers about the deal. This will help them prepare for the sale day and when the deal goes live, they’ll drive repeated purchases in your store.

This is a crucial engagement. Now, imagine sending a ‘Black Friday deal alert’ to each member of your email list one by one. Do you think you can reach everyone on time?

No, and that’s why you need to Broadcast. Broadcasting your newsletter will help you reach hundreds or thousands of customers on time & keep them informed

Broadcasting newsletter

Not just Black Friday deals, Broadcasting can make holiday seasons, product launches, product announcements, Monthly newsletters, flash sales, etc., more engaging since it can deliver your email to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Broadcast email

Retainful has beautiful email templates pre-built for you. Also, you can customize it using our drag-and-drop editor to suit your style.

Create professional-looking emails using Retainful and broadcast them to your entire email list or segment the audience at once. In other words, reach your customers at the right time with broadcast.

Broadcast will be a key to creating meaningful relationships with your customers.

Stay tuned for the launch.