Configure Dynamic Coupons without hassles.

The ultimate goal at Retainful is to make it easier for our customers. We work hard on that until we feel that our customers are having the best experience using our tool.

Likewise, we felt that our current process of configuring Dynamic coupons had a few hassles. The navigation looked a tad complex.

So, we have improved it, made it easier to make the experience better.

Configure dynamic coupons

Now you can easily configure the needed coupon from within the Drag & Drop email editor. No multiple navigations needed.

Just open your email editor, click ‘Configure’ next to the coupon shortcode.

Chose the discount you want to offer, enter the values and click ‘Save’

That’s it!

Your dynamic coupon has been created and added to your email just like that.

Initiate your email sequence and drive repeated sales.