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Automate Email Marketing and Boost Sales.

Automate email marketing and boost sales

How to Boost Your Online Store Revenue During Black Friday Season

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming and there are plenty of sales going on and deals everywhere. Especially it is flooding the internet. Amidst this, you would certainly want your store to be visible.

A survey says that BFCM days are the golden days during which you can achieve about an 80% boost in your sales conversion. But at the same time keep this in mind that you will have incredible amounts of competition during that time.

Hence you need to work a bit more and smarter from your side. Use the most widely used Black Friday promotions yet unique marketing strategies to achieve your sales goal.

Now let us quickly discuss how to outperform and boost your online sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday season.

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Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale?

Black Friday and Cyber Mondays are some of those days in a year when every store would try to increase their sales. Experts say that this is the last opportunity in a year to double up your sales. Especially when everyone out there is increasing their sales. Why not you?

How to boost sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

It requires a lot of planning, preparation, and execution that has to take place from a store owner’s front before you jump into BFCM deal days.

Firstly you have to stay equipped to handle huge volumes of orders and have enough stocks.

Then your site should be ready to handle the visitors’ rush. Then you need the experts and the experienced one’s guidance to avoid major flaws.

Here are the quick BFCM hacks you need to know before announcing the deals.

Let your customers do it for you

Have you heard of the domino effect? Or a nuclear fission reaction? In both cases, you have to initiate a reaction and its continuation is taken care of.

Likewise in the marketing scenario when you get someone to promote your brand, then you can make use of it.

But where and how do you get that someone?

The answer to this is your own customers!

And you can easily motivate your customers on your behalf by promising them referral rewards.

In short referral rewards mainly involves offering your customers with benefits like discounts or credits when you get sales through them. This will potentially motivate your customers, so they will refer your brand and bring in new customers.

Freebies, discounts, and attractive deals

Everyone likes freebies and gifts. For your Black Friday store, you can offer a variety and combination of deals like free shipping, discounts, coupons, Buy One Get One and much more. So try to include them in your BFCM deals and make your buyers even happier.

Even though you will be giving the same types of discounts and deals like what the majority of them are giving, do not make it appear very common. Add a bit of uniqueness and surprises to your deals.

Unleash the real power of discounts this Black Friday. Because discounts can work wonders like recovering abandoned carts, bringing in new customers, more sales hence more revenue. But before starting, get to know the types of discounts available and decide what will be the best suited attractive deal for your store’s BFCM sale.

Play the “Time” card

Run periodical offers for a limited time span. Also, keep a timer that indicates how much time is left for the offer. The ticking of the timer will certainly create Fear of missing out(FOMO).

Countdown timer

Then provide a shorter offer for people who have missed out on the first hourly deal and create a sense of urgency.

Then reduce the percentage discount for the next consecutive hourly deals. This will certainly have a good FOMO effect.

Tell ‘em that there is an exciting deal

“Unleash the power of social media and get more sales this Black Friday”

Now let us look into the fact that what are the best ways to communicate your BFCM deals.


Facebook with its booming billions of users is a promising platform that can be used to promote your brand. With more users, it has higher scopes to cover a broader range of audiences. Especially for this BFCM sales, you have very high scopes to acquire new customers through Facebook Adverts. Hit high conversions through personalized Facebook messenger marketing and so on.


Instagram is a powerful yet amazing means to gather attention. As it mainly works through images. Designing an eye-catchy image with a well-framed short content can gain more attention than imagined. Further, images can capture attention in a lesser time than what a written text can do. It is known to get the highest conversion among social media platforms. And it is up to you to make the best use of Instagram stories, business accounts, ads, and IGTV to boost your BFCM sales.

Email marketing

When you have an email list and you know that they are the potential candidates for your sales, do not wait to promote deals through emails. Email Marketing is one of the best-proven methods to market deals to your existing customers. Further, such targeted marketing strategies are known to get high-value conversion rates when compared to their non-targeted counterparts and it can work wonders for your BFCM sales.

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Suggest customers what to gift

It is a general tendency that many of us would stay confused during festive seasons as to what to buy for our beloved ones. Also, during such times people search on the internet regarding the same. Now make your suggestions available when people need them.

Give suggestions by writing blogs, social media posts, and gift guides like the following.

Black Friday blog ideas
  • Best ever Black Friday gifts
  • Top 5 Mobile deals this Black Friday
  • 5 Best gift ideas on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Best WooCommerce and WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Plus suggesting what to buy and gift are good ways to promote and upsell your products.

How do I make my deals reach everyone

The last but not least, yet the most important factor that is going to decide the outreach of your Black Friday deal is the marketing platform you use.

Provided there is ‘n’ number of ways to promote your Black Friday deals online, carefully select the best ones for you.


Search engine optimization is an organic and cost-free method of promoting sales. This helps you get new customers as and when people search what you sell via the search engine.

This mainly involves optimizing your website contents to match what is being commonly searched on the internet which is called on-page SEO.

Here is one of the examples of SEO keywords that goes craze during the Black Friday season “Nike Shoes Black Friday Sale”. Plus this is a very common and widely searched group of search words. Hence this can be used as a keyword in your site so that when potential buyers search for this your site can be found by them. Now the more you are searched the higher will be your site ranking. And SEO is all about using different hacks to rank higher in the search engine.

In addition to this, there are still more things like how many quality and relevant links are pointing at your website which is off-page SEO. For example, you can ask some other quality website to cross-promote yours or you yourself can interlink with your blog page.

But you cannot do SEO today and expect its benefits tomorrow as it takes a substantial amount of time. A rightly done white hat SEO can take a few months to show consistent results.

Black Friday Ads

The unpaid organic ways of promotions are systematic and take a lot of time and quality efforts. In this scenario, you can use paid promotions like posting advertisements on different platforms. Advertisements help to quickly promote your sales during the sale season. But always do remember that in paid promotions you cannot expect long-term and quality results as compared with organic promotions.

Join hands in this Black Friday

Affiliate program

Partnership programs are one of the easiest ways for increasing customers. By such partnership programs and cross-promotional activities, you get to be recognized by your partners’ customers and your collaborator also gets the same from you. Thereby cross-promoting is a calculated move yet an inexpensive way to promote your sales.

Here what is all left to you is getting a reputed partner to accept your deal and to decide on the partnership/cross-promotional requests you get. Plus it is always recommended to choose to partner with sites doing your niche business as it avoids direct competition and gives space for mutual growth.

Let it start early last a bit longer

It is very important to give your customers sufficient time before any deal ends. At the same time let it start a bit early so that you can avoid rushing and also capture more sales during such extended times.

Plus many people wait for BFCM week to buy what they intended to buy for a very long time. So never disappoint them by not giving sufficient time span to make their most awaited purchases. Hence do frame proper time slots before announcing deals. And starting earlier and early bird deals can attract them before they go somewhere else for buying the same.

Considering the rush on a Black Friday there will be customers still waiting to purchase so extend the sale a bit to accommodate latecomers as well.

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Plan for your BFCM deals as early as possible. Stay well equipped with whatsoever is necessary to run a deal. Get informed on what others are doing and clearly decide what is your plans this Black Friday.

Make even the smallest deals as exciting as possible. And most importantly make your customers aware of the offers using emails, pop-ups, advertisements, social media, and all possible means.

Once the sale is done do not forget to track and assess how much sales have each one of your deals achieved. This will help you set up good a Black Friday marketing strategy for your upcoming sales.

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