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9 Brilliant Call To Action Examples For Your Ecommerce Store

Posted by Joel Platini on  October 12, 2020  in Ecommerce

Ecommerce call to action buttons are crucial for any eCommerce store because it influences your conversion directly.

Your store’s design, its user-interface, and your marketing efforts will go in vain if you don’t have a eCommerce call to action button to convert.

It makes customers easily navigate through your store and take action. And it doesn’t matter how many eCommerce call to action buttons you have, it’s about where you have it.

We’ll show you what is a call to action and where to place a CTA button in your store. Also, let’s take a look at some of the best eCommerce Call to action examples used by eCommerce stores worldwide.

What is a Call to action?

A eCommerce call to action or CTA is a button on a webpage, banner, or content that guides the customer to take an action.

It is the one that navigates the customer through the store and all the way to the checkout.

Without a CTA, a customer wouldn’t know what to do and where to take any action when they visit your store.

 Bvlgari CTA
Ecommerce call to action

It acts as a conversion medium where it converts the visitor into an action by enticing them.

Some basics to know about an Call to action

Ecommerce call to action is a conversion magnet, it is what the customers look for when they initially land on your webpage.

Since it is the most important aspect of your website, there are Call to action basics you need to know before you build one. We’ve simplified it for you here,

Create Urgency

Create urgency using your Call to action. You can make your CTA button psychologically trigger your customers to make a purchase.

Because when the customer thinks that a product will be available only for a limited time then they’ll rush to purchase it. This is a great way to increase conversion rates.

 Buy now create urgency
Ecommerce call to action example 1

Ecommerce call to actions like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Join Now’ is one of the best examples of urgency creating CTAs.

This is one of the CTA copy best practices as it entices the customers to take action in an instant. A recent study showed that creating urgency using CTAs increased the conversion rate by 332%.

Using Action words

Like we said earlier, a call to action should motivate the visitor to take any action on the webpage and an effective way to do it is to use actionable words.

Sign up to drive cta
Ecommerce call to action example 2

This CTA by uber ‘Sign up to drive’ is the best example of an actionable call to action. It tells the visitor exactly what to do, and notice they’ve used ‘Sign Up’ too.

It clearly indicates that if the visitor wants to drive an Uber he must sign up, so this can increase your conversion rates.

Leverage your value

Sometimes, depending on the type of your business you might not get the chance to create urgency or use an action word. So, what will you do now?

Simple, you leverage your value, this is mostly done by using ‘Free’, ‘Start your Free trial’ as a call to actions.

Is there any other word that is more tempting than ‘Free’? I don’t think so, this is a brilliant way to make your visitors into subscribers or even customers.

Retainful CTA
Ecommerce call to action example 3

‘Get started Free’ is a CTA used by Retainful to entice the visitors into clicking the button and converting. Look how they added an extra note saying ‘No credit card required’

This will make the visitor curious, even if he didn’t have the intent to become a user this will tempt him to click it.

Using the word ‘Free’ is one of the CTA copy best practices as it tempts the users to click it and convert.

Design your own CTA

The most important aspect of a successful CTA is having a personal touch on it. Because only you know what type of users your website will attract so design it yourself.

Here are a few tips on how to design the best CTA,

  • Your CTA must be vibrant and attractive.
  • Use colors respective to your brand.
  • Use only 3 to 4 words, it must be mouthful not too long.
  • Make good use of White spaces to make the CTA stand out.
  • Optimize your CTA for all devices.
Discover more CTA
Ecommerce call to action example 4

This is how Tommy Hilfiger does it, you can see the color of the CTA matches the brand color and look at how the white spaces are utilized.

The CTA stands out from the rest and entices the visitors to click it and not to forget the ‘Discover Morel’ action word in the CTA. It has everything you need to increase your conversions.

Color of the CTA

The thing that differentiates a CTA from the rest of the webpage is the color, it makes the CTA pop out.

But always remember to use the color well, it must resonate with your customers and your brand. It must be vibrant and attractive, different from the color of your webpage.

Using bright colors is a one of the CTA copy best practices and it must grab the visitors attention instantly.

RL masks CTA
Ecommerce call to action example 5

Here are some quick tips,

  • Use white spaces to make the color pop out.
  • Don’t use too much contrast and animation.
  • Make sure it is different from the background.

Alright, these are some of the basics you need to know before you design your CTA. You can easily recreate similar CTAs in just a few clicks using ElementsKit, a simple yet powerful WordPress Plugin.  Now let’s look at some commonly used CTAs by marketers.

Popular Call to action used by Marketers in 2022

The main goal of any eCommerce marketers is to increase conversion and eCommerce call to actions are crucial to achieve it.

The visitor must be guided in the right path until he/she makes the purchase, only then a call to action is deemed successful. Nowadays marketers use many CTA that best suit their needs.

Sign up for Free

This type of CTA is more recently used in eCommerce stores that have Guest Checkout options. It is a great way to encourage visitors to be regular customers and enjoy the benefits of your store.

You can also see these kinds of CTA in online courses, live events, or even in a software product.

Sign up now
Ecommerce call to action example 6


This CTA does not bind an individual to purchase. Instead, it invites them to receive alerts from the business. “Subscribe” CTAs are popular on business websites, through which the business wants to increase readership.

Subscribe CTA
Ecommerce call to action example 7

Get Started

This type of CTA button example can be found in websites that develop apps or plugins, it might offer service and entice the customer to use the service with these CTAs.

‘Get Started for Free’ is the most used version of this CTA.

Get started
Ecommerce call to action example 8

Try for free

This CTA button example is similar to the one we discussed before. Some businesses might offer a trial version of their product as a preview, ‘Try for Free’ is used in those cases.

Start your Free Trial, Try for Free are other alternatives of this CTA. Used to increase the conversions and gain more customers.

 Try it now CTA
Ecommerce call to action example 9

Learn more

Often, what you want is to give your potential customers a bit more details so they’re able to purchase something. That’s exactly what this CTA button example is about.

 Learn more CTA
Ecommerce call to action example 10

Join Us

Join us is one of the most commonly used CTA in most eCommerce websites. This CTA represents a community and you place it to make your customers join your community.

9 Brilliant Call to action examples

There are literally thousands of eCommerce stores that use CTAs but we listed the Call to action examples used by some of the iconic brands around the world.


Sony, even the iconic brand uses their CTA strategically to increase their conversions.

Sony CTA
Ecommerce call to action example

CTA Location – Homepage

CTA Button – Step closer to Reality

Why does it work?

This CTA is placed on a banner on the homepage, that’s the first thing a visitor would see when he enters the website. Crispy clear images and the use of words like ‘8K brilliance’ will entice the visitor to click it.

But the most excellent thing is the words used in this eCommerce call to action button, it says ‘Step closer to Reality’, that’s brilliantly done.

Instead of using ‘Learn more’ or ‘Explore more’ they’ve used a sentence that boasts about the ‘High definition’. It personifies the brand itself.

And finally, what happens when you click it, it redirects you straight to the purchase page with a bright orange CTA that says ‘BUY’.

This Call to action example is an excellent tactic to convert the visitors into customers by Sony.


Yes, even pet stores have understood the advantages that a strategically placed CTA can bring.

Chewy CTA
Ecommerce call to action example

CTA Location – Homepage

CTA Button – Shop Now

Why does it work?

The main reason is the place where the CTA is placed and what it represents. It is an attractive CTA right on the homepage which the visitors lays his eyes upon first.

The second reason is the offer, that’s what the CTA represents, they display the offer to entice the visitor.

Now the visitor will be tempted with the offer and look at the CTA right below it. The visitor’s temptation will lead them to click it and take them right away to the checkout and get converted.

It is called a ‘Chewy blue box event’ and there is a dog sniffing a blue box, meaning it is a special treat for the dogs, that’s a good conversion tactic.

Offering discounts like these using eCommerce call to action buttons will help you minimize cart abandonment.


Playstation’s homepage is loaded with CTAs, probably the best use of CTA we’ve seen. There are a lot of mediums to get the visitors converted.

Playstation CTA
Ecommerce call to action example

CTA Location – Homepage

CTA Button – Play free this weekend, Join us, Sign in to PSN, Open Beta

Why does it work?

Games are the talking point here, so as soon as you enter the site the banner displays the image of the game with a CTA that says ‘Play free this weekend’

Such a bright and enticing CTA copy example, as you click it, you’ll be directed to the purchase page where the visitors can get converted quite easily.

The ‘Open Beta’ CTA also takes the user to the purchase page.

But the most important thing about the homepage banner is the ‘Join Today’ and ‘Sign in to PSN’ CTAs.

These CTAs are not there to sell the products but to persuade the visitor to join the community. So Playstation right away offers you to either purchase a game or join the community, that is really slick.

Lulu’s Fashion

We’ve seen enough CTA copy examples from homepages, let’s take a look at other pages like the Referral section from Lulu’s Fashion website.

 Lulus CTA
Ecommerce call to action example

CTA Location – Referral Page

CTA Button – Start Sharing The Love

Why does it work?

Lulu’s Fashion is a store that is designed specifically for Women and by looking at the Referral section, they have quite a loyal customer base.

Instead of keeping the CTA to a minimalistic word, they are talking about ‘Sharing the love’. A loyal customer will always bring their friends to their favorite fashion store.

By offering the rewards Lulu’s Fashion has done is brilliant. They start off with Share the love and go on to explain about the program where the ‘$’ keeps repeating and it’s quite tempting, to be honest.

‘Start Sharing The Love’ is quite a perfect CTA copy example, with better color contrast and quite simple design.

All of it contributes to a perfect conversion and increases your WOM marketing.


One of the fastest-growing eCommerce retailers that offer exclusive cashback and has used their CTA for a different yet compelling cause.

Rakuten CTA
Ecommerce call to action example

CTA Location – Home Page

CTA Button – Add to Chrome – It’s Free

Why does it work?

Customers always look for offers, discounts, or Cashbacks while shopping at their favorite eCommerce stores. Now with Rakuten, they can find coupons and earn cashback easily.

With that being said, the main goal of Rakuten is to make people use their service while shopping at any eCommerce store.

So, what they did is, they made it easily available to customers by using a CTA.

When the visitors enter Rakuten they are right away exposed to ‘Add to Chrome – It’s free’ CTA. When clicked it gets added as an extension to chrome.

Now the customers can make use of Rakuten’s cashback service with just one click, pretty simple and effective.

So, if you offer a service like this make sure you make it easily accessible by using a CTA copy as Rakuten did here.


Versace was a surprise to us, we didn’t know that even brands if this caliber would rely on their CTA.

Versace CTA
Ecommerce call to action example

CTA Location – Home Page Popup

CTA Button – Sign Up

Why does it work?

Unlike others, this CTA copy example is located in a popup. This popup is displayed as soon as you enter the Versace homepage.

A pretty simple CTA that serves a special purpose. They request visitors to stay in touch with the brand to receive exciting news about the store and their new collection through their newsletters.

It grabs the visitors email address as soon as they enter and has a straightforward ‘Sign Up’ CTA, no fancy words just got to the point.

With this CTA, they’ve successfully converted a visitor into a signed up subscriber. Sometimes, the simplest way is the most effective way.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein uses the CTA in the most conventional way and looks like it works like a charm.

Calvin klein CTA
Ecommerce call to action example

CTA Location – Home Page

CTA Button – Extra 30% off sale, Shop Women, Shop Men

Why does it work?

The main goal of using a CTA is to convert the visitors right? And what better way is there to do it than showcasing your offers on the homepage.

Notice how they didn’t use any attractive images to show off their discounts, just simple Black & White CTAs, just like their Logo.

The CTA in the header ‘Extra 30% off sale’ is brilliant, the visitor will be tempted to click it and get redirected only to the products that have a 30% off sale.

The other eCommerce call to action buttons ‘Shop Women’ & ‘Shop Men’ are placed right below the discount criteria. If you purchase above 125$ you get a 50% off.

Now the visitor will know how much he has to purchase in order to receive the discount and will click the CTA right away. It not only converts the visitor but it also increases your sales.


Probably the only educational CTA copy example in this list. Lifestraw starts off by selling a compelling story.

Ecommerce call to action example

CTA Location – Home Page

CTA Button – Learn More

Why does it work?

Lifestraw gets the attention of the visitor right away with a warning ‘Tap water contaminants & Boil water advisories’.

And then they go on to talk about brain-eating amoebas with images that look like a brain and amoebas. This makes the visitor curious as to what they are trying to convey here.

As the visitor is puzzled they finish the sentence with ‘Lifestraw has got you covered.

This will really tempt the visitor and will make them click the CTA ‘learn more’ to find out more about their product. It takes them to an educational article.

Even though this CTA copy example doesn’t make the visitor purchase, it will lead them into the bottom of the conversion funnel and eventually they get converted thus making it a powerful CTA.


Nike has one of the best conversion CTA of any eCommerce store that’s dedicated to shoes.

Nike CTA
Ecommerce call to action example

CTA Location – Homepage Navigation bar

CTA Button – Customise

Why does it work?

This is the only top brand that allows visitors to customize their shoes. It has a simple CTA ‘Customise’.

The reason it works really well is that not every time the store will have the product that matches the visitor’s style. So, by using customization the visitor can alter the product as his wish.

Reports say that Nike had a rapid boost in their conversion rate when they made this eCommerce call to action option available.

Even though this may not look like the CTAs we discussed earlier but we must admit the courage it took for Nike to think out of the box and provide the best service to their loyal fans around the world.

That is what every eCommerce store and every single CTA copy example should be designed to achieve.


No matter how good your store’s design or its user user-interface is, if you don’t have a proper CTA copy example then you can’t convert your visitors. CTA helps the navigation easily and guides the visitor to take action. We hoped this article navigated you to find out what is a call to action and the do’s & don’ts while writing a CTA.

All the Call to action examples we discussed are from the actual sites and it will give you a picture of how to use it and where to place the CTA to get the maximum conversion.

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