WooCommerce Abandoned Cart

Recover Lost Sales with Abandoned Cart Automation

How it Works

Get ready to recover WooCommerce abandoned cart with easy & simple steps

Step 1

Launch an abandoned cart recovery automation with the ready-made template.

Retainful come with pre-made workflows that you can use to get started quickly. These workflow typically include a series of emails that are sent to customers at different intervals after they abandon their carts. This workflow might send an email reminder after 1 hour, another reminder after 24 hours, and a final reminder after 72 hours.

abandoned cart recovery step 1

Step 2

Customize the email templates

Once you have selected a pre-built automation workflow, you can customize the individual email templates to fit your brand and messaging voice. This includes changing the text, images, and colors of the emails.

abandoned cart recovery step 2

Step 3

Start the workflow

Once you have customized your email templates, you can start the abandoned cart recovery automation workflow. the plugin will automatically start sending abandoned cart emails to customers who have left their carts inactive for more than 1 hour.

abandoned cart recovery step 3

Start recovering your WooCommerce abandoned carts in minutes.

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Customer Success stories

Why our customers choose us over the competition

With an affordable price for the tool, world-class support, and ongoing success, Retainful is worth every cent
while easily self-financing itself through the revenue generated.

Retainful Reviews

Rafael Gonzalez

Managing Director at Fretlook

Customers behaviour is really hard to understand and in fashion business there is a very high abandoned cart rate. We managed to lower this rate thanks to the easy to set up settings from Retainful.

Norbert muzkas

Norbert Muszkas

Owner of Tiashop

We are seeing an increased number of abandoned carts being recovered after using Retainful. Being able to offer discounts seems to also be incentivizing customers to come back.

the essentials partners

Jason Wilson

Partner at theessentialscompany

Automate Abandoned Cart Emails and Boost Sales

Capture, convert, and retain new customers with automated email marketing.

Abandoned cart Automation

Retainful offers a ready-made abandoned cart recovery workflow with three timed emails—an excellent choice for those short on time to create their own.

Readymade Templates

Recover lost sales with our pre-made abandoned cart templates. Customize them to match your brand and style.

Cart Recovery URL

Retainful's unique cart recovery URL allows customers to finish checking out with a single click.

Personalized Coupons

Generate and send dynamic discount codes to your users to increase recovery and click-through rates. Reach out to the person, not just the inbox.

Add to cart Popup

Retainful can trigger a popup to capture the customer's email address when the customer "clicks add to cart button".

Exit Intent Popup

Retainful can capture the customer's email address when he/she tries to leave your store with items in store.

Test Email

Retainful enables you to send test emails to ensure that your WooCommerce Abandoned Cart email content displays as expected in your inbox.

Detailed Reporting

Track your WooCommerce abandoned carts. This section shows live, abandoned, and recovered carts, as well as key metrics like abandonment rate and conversion rate.

Multi Language Support

Retainful supports multi language stores. So, it's easy to send abandoned cart emails in customers' language on auto-pilot.

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Recover Lost Sales with Our Powerful Abandoned Cart Automation Tool!

Never Miss a Sale Again – Boost Your WooCommerce Store’s Revenue!

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Send personalized emails and discounts to delight customers

Capture, convert, and retain new customers with automated email marketing.

Use conditional triggers for better targeting

Trigger abandoned cart recovery emails based on customers shopping behaviour. For example, if the cart total is above $200, you can offer 15% discount. If the cart total is below $200, you can give them a lesser discount. Also, the dynamic discount coupons will prominently help in creating a fear of missing out (FOMO) when an expiry is added to it. Leverage the conditional triggers to stay on top of customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Recover abandoned carts and boost sales

Skyrocket Your Sales with Abandoned Cart Recovery

Automated abandoned cart emails can help you recover lost sales and increase your revenue. In fact, our data shows that abandoned cart emails lead to 20X times more orders than regular promotional emails.

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Retainful helps ecommerce brands grow.

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