Migration is completed! Automate your emails.

Retainful is now a complete Email Marketing Automation platform.
‘Automations’ comes with robust features that can streamline your engagement with customers. Send the right messages to the right customers automatically & increase conversions.

Following this upgrade, we’ve been sending you a series of emails requesting you to migrate from ‘Legacy email sequences’ to ‘Automations’ before May 15, 2022.

But we noticed that many stores have failed to migrate to ‘Automations’ before the deadline. We also cautioned you that we’ll migrate you to ‘Automations’ if you fail to do so.

As many stores didn’t migrate to ‘Automations’, we took the liberty and completely migrated Abandoned cart email /Next order coupon sequences to Automations. Yes, we did it for you and everything is working fine.

Now we’ve completely deprecated the ‘legacy email sequences’, they’ll no longer work. Our Automation feature is user-friendly, refer the documentation to get started.

Send automated emails at every step of your customer’s journey and increase your sales.

Let’s Automate!