[Coming Soon] Retainful’s Segmentation

Retainful’s ultimate goal is to simplify things for our users, and that’s what drives us every day. After the launch of Retainful’s Automation, the need arose for a feature that allows users to send hyper-relevant messages to the right customers.

Create Segment

To send hyper-relevant emails, you need to categorize customers accordingly to streamline your engagement process. This pushed us to develop ‘Segmentation’.

Manually grouping customers into multiple segments can be tiring. With Segmentation, you can readily segment your customers into individual audiences based on various behaviours & activities and target your emails.

Multiple segments

Create multiple audience segments using super-specific filters & rules and reach the right people with the right messages. Nurture a personalised, targeted engagement & retain your customers.

Readily segment customers based on factors like purchases, cart abandonment, coupon usage & more. Once segmented, start engaging with automated emails & increase conversions.

Dynamic conditions

Thanks to Dynamic conditions, segments will automatically update when a new customer meets the conditions. No manual effort is needed.

Segmentation unlocks an entirely new world of possibilities for Retainful users.

Gear up for the launch.

You can get your hands on Segmentation soon.