Recover abandoned carts and increase your sales by 10x.

Acquire new customers through Referrals & drive repeat purchases with Next order coupons.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

About 60% of the shoppers abandon carts in your WooCommerce online store.
Retainful can help recover these abandoned carts and increase your revenue by 10x

Capture Abandoned Carts

Track all the abandoned carts in your WooCommerce online store. You can track even visitors who abandon carts not only after they’ve entered their email address, but also those leave even before reaching the checkout.

Key Features:

  • Capture all abandoned carts including guest carts
  • Automatically capture the email as soon as the customer enters it at checkout
  • See what items were left by the customers in their carts

Recover Abandoned Carts with Single Click

Automatically send a series of email reminders when customers abandon their carts. No manual emailing required. Just create an email sequence and set it live. Let Retainful email the reminders automatically and let your customer recover their carts in a single click.
When the cart is recovered, the plugin will automatically stop sending the emails.

Key Features:

  • Single-click cart recovery link included in the emails
  • Send as many emails as you want to recover carts, exactly when you want, as quickly as 30 min after they leave.
  • Not annoying to users–Emails are automatically stopped when a purchase is made.

Drip / Sequential Recovery Emails

Create a high-performing drip campaign and send emails at well-timed intervals in autopilot. You can easily create an email sequence in a few minutes with Retainful.

  • Send the first cart recovery email 1 hour after abandonment
  • 2nd reminder can go 6 hours after cart abandonment
  • 3rd reminder can be sent 1 day after the customer abandons the cart
  • 4th reminder can go 3 days after the cart is abandoned
  • 5th reminder can be sent 5 days after the cart abanonment

Responsive, high-converting Email Templates

Save your precious time by using our pre-built email templates, optimized for conversions. The email templates are mobile friendly, responsive and fully customizable. The emails work in almost all the email clients including Outlook.

Key Features:

  • 3 pre-built email templates
  • Drag & Drop editor to customize the emails
  • Responsive, mobile friendly emails
  • Highly customizable

Personalisation with Short Codes

Personalized emails get a higher open rates and click throughs when compared to generic emails. Retainful provides you short codes to personalize your abandoned cart email templates.

Short codes for

  • Customer’s first and last name, email
  • Cart contents / items
  • Cart recovery link
  • Coupons


Turn your existing customers into brand advocates and acquire new customers through WOM marketing. Reward your customers for every successful Referrals & increase your customer retention rate.

Every customer in your store gets a unique link with a Referral code. Customers can share the Referral code with their friends through Social media.

When the friend enters your store using the link and makes a successful Referral purchase both the advocate and the friend will be rewarded.

Key Features

  • Each customer gets a unique referral link.
  • The Referral link can be shared via Facebook, Twitter & Email.
  • Three types of Referral rewards are available.

Offer Individual Rewards

You can create and offer individual rewards to the Advocate and the Friend respectively when they complete a successful Referral purchase.

Flat amount discount, Percentage Discount & Free Shipping coupon are the rewards that can be offered. Each reward can be configured individually as per your preference.

Key Features

  • Advocate reward & Friend reward can be created separately.
  • Expiry dates can be set for the rewards.
  • Minimum spending limit can be set.
  • Flat amount, Percentage discount & Free shipping coupon can be configured individually.

Send Referral Emails

You can create Referral email notifications to your customers and their Friends. They will be sent automatically once a successful Referral purchase occurs.

These emails can be customized to make it look enticing and it can be personalized with Shortcodes to make engage better with the customers.

Key Features

  • Send post-purchase emails to the Advocate and the Friend.
  • User-friendly email templates with multiple customization options.
  • Drag & Drop email editor to customize the emails.
  • Use shortcodes to Personalize the emails.

Track Your Referral Performance

The performance of your Referral program can be viewed on an insightful Referral dashboard. Referral revenue, Referral members and Rewards issued will be displayed in real-time.

You can also track the individual Referral activity along with the order total. Check the completed and pending Referral activities. Fraudulent Referrals will also be displayed on this dashboard.

Key Features:

  • View the Referral revenue and Rewards issued in real-time.
  • Check completed, pending and fraudulent Referral activities.
  • Advocate email, Friend email along with the respective Referral code can be viewed.

Retainful Premium

Get 64% more abandoned cart conversions by upgrading to Retainful Premium.

Email Collection Popup

Most customers abandon their carts even before reaching the checkout step. So capture the customer’s email at the time of adding an item to cart itself. When customers click the add to cart button, an email collection popup will be triggered. You can now reach out to them and recover the carts even if they abandon it.

Key Features:

  • Triggers when customer clicks add to cart button
  • Fully Customizable. Change the popup content easily
  • Compatible almost all themes

Coupons for Email Collection

Customers usually hesitate to provide their emails. So instead of plainly asking for an email at the time of adding to cart, give them a motivation. If a popup says “Get a 5% discount code in your email”, 99% of the customers will leave the email. Coupon is a magic wand.

Retainful can automatically email a coupon code when customer enter their email

Key Features:

  • Automatically email a coupon when customer gives their email
  • Customizable email template
  • Uses the built-in WooCommerce Coupons

Countdown Timer – Add an urgency

Motivate the customer to complete their purchase quickly by adding an urgency. Turn on the Sales Countdown Timer feature in Retainful.

It can automatically apply a coupon code and show sales countdown timer at the cart page, with an offer expiry time.

Key Features:

  • Sales Countdown Timer with customizable message
  • Position the timer at the top or just below the coupon or above the cart.
  • Auto apply a coupon code with the timer and set an expiry for the coupon.

IP Filter

Exclude capturing carts from selected IP addresses. Useful when you wanted to exclude your own IPs or spam IPs.

Key Features:

  • Exclude a single IP or multiple IPs
  • Exclude a range of IPs ( –
  • Wildcards based exclusion. Useful when you want to exclude an entire region.

Next Order Coupons

Earn more dollars per customer by driving repeat purchases.
Send next order coupons within your order notification emails itself.

Send Unique Coupon Codes for Next Purchase

Increase the average life time purchase value of a customer. Generate and send a unique, single-use discount code when a customer makes a purchase.

Retainful automatically embeds these coupon codes in the order confirmation email itself as it has high open rates. Discount can be a percentage or a flat amount.

Key Features:

  • Send unique, single-use coupon code for next order
  • Coupon is included within the order confirmation email itself
  • Discount can be either a percentage or flat amount

Auto Apply Coupon

Include a button or a link in the email that will automatically apply the coupon when the customer clicks it. So when the customer wants to make his next purchase, he just have to click the link or the button

Key Features:

  • Single-click auto apply coupon url
  • Short code to include the coupon url in the email

Coupon Usage Restrictions

You can control how the coupon is applied. You can set it to apply for all products or selected categories or selected products. Alternatively, you can exclude certain products from the next order coupons.

Key Features:

  • Min / Max Spend Limitation can be set
  • Exclude / Include products / categories
  • Exclude items already on sale

Trigger FOMO with Coupon Expiry

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is one of the proven psychological trigger that can be used to boost sales. Set a validity for your next order coupons. You can say, the coupon is valid for the next 10 days. This will motivate the customer to make his repeat purchase within the next 10 days.

Key Features:

  • Trigger FOMO using a coupon expiry
  • Short code for including expiry date in the email

Actionable Analytics & Insights

Get useful analytics on your sales conversions, next order coupon performance,
customer insights, cart recovery email performance.


Abandoned / Recover Cart Insights

Retainful comes with a beautiful dashboard showing you the number of abandoned carts, recovered carts, live carts in your store. Track conversions and compare the values of the recovered cart and abandoned carts in real-time.

Referral Dashboard

Referral feature has an insightful dashboard that lets you track the total number of Referral revenue, Rewards issued & Referral members in real-time. You can also check Completed/Pending referrals along with the Advocate & Referral emails. Fraudulent Referral activity can also be tracked in real-time.

Next Order Coupon Performance

Get the list of successful conversions for the next order coupon codes at the Retainful Dashboard Track customers who have opened and who haven’t opened the coupon/ cart recovery emails. Get a list of all the next order coupons sent to the customers and more.
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