Recover Abandoned Carts, Drive Repeated Sales and Referrals to Acquire New Customers

Boost your revenue by recovering your Abandoned carts through automated cart recovery campaigns of Retainful. Motivate your customers to return to your store and drive repeated sales by offering Next order coupons. And turn your existing customers into brand advocates to acquire new customers at low cost through Referrals.

Features to Grow Your Shopify Store Revenue

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Track and recover abandoned carts in autopilot. Send well-timed email follow-ups for abandoned carts.

Next Order Coupons

Auto generate and send a unique, single-use coupon for the next purchase whenever a customer makes a purchase.


Turn your customers into brand advocates and Increase sales through word of mouth referrals.

Join 2000+ Shopify stores & start recovering abandoned carts in autopilot

Powerful Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

7 out of 10 customers leave your Shopify store without purchasing. Sending them a well-timed email follow-ups can boost your revenue at least by 40%.
Retainful lets you create personalised cart recovery emails and send them in autopilot mode. Get started quickly using our pre-built email templates or create a new with our easy-to-use drag and drop editor.

Next Order Coupons to Drive Repeat Purchases

Send unique coupons for the next purchase for every successful order. Coupons are a great motivator to get your customers purchases more often in your store. The coupons are auto-generated, unique, single-use and they can have an expiry time. Also, send perfectly-timed email follow-ups to remind customers about the expiring coupon.

Referral Program To Acquire New Customers

Turn your existing customers into brand advocates and acquire new customers through a Referral program. Offer exciting rewards to your customers when they complete a successful referral purchase and boost your customer retention rate effortlessly.

Let Retainful do the magic of recovering your abandoned carts and
acquiring new customers through Referrals.