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Puneet Sahalot

Founder, IdeaBox Creations

Works like a charm. Perfect for WooCommerce stores. Retainful is easy to use with a useful UI. Provides a lot of functionality even with the free tier. “Next Order coupon” is a simple and good way to increase the conversions and bring back your customers

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Abandoned Cart Recovery

Customer abandons a cart

Retainful tracks abandoned carts automatically and captures the customer’s email as soon as he enters.

Cart Recovery email is sent automatically

Retainful sends a well-timed, series of emails with a unique link to recover the cart with a single click. Optionally include a coupon.

Customer recovers the cart & completes purchase

Customer is taken straight to the checkout with a single click and completes the purchase. Your lost sale is recovered!


Customer Refers his Friend

Every customer in your store gets a unique Referral link with a code that they can share with their friends
and invite them to your store.

Friend visits your store and makes the purchase

The friend(referral) visits your store using the link given to him by the advocate(referrer). The friend
enters his email to claim the discount and makes a successful Referral purchase.

Advocate gets a reward for referring his friend

The advocate(referrer) gets a reward too after the friend completes a successful Referral purchase. You can
choose the type of rewards in the Retainful settings before you initiate the Referral program.

Next Order Coupon

Customer makes a purchase

Customers buys a product from your store successfully.

Next Order Coupon is generated Automatically

Retainful generates a unique, single-use coupon for the next purchase of the customer. The coupon is included in the “Order notification email” itself.

Customer comes back & makes a repeat buy

Customer uses the coupon to make his next purchase successfully. And he can get a coupon for his successive purchase.

….. And the loop goes on to drive repeat sales on your store!

Recover your Abandoned carts and drive repeated sales with Referrals & Next order coupons

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