Mailchimp Integration

Retainful collects user’s email addresses and lets you get in touch with users via Abandoned cart emails, next order coupons and increase your revenue.

Is that it?

Can you do something else with all that user data that you collected via Retainful?

Looks like you can add your Retainful users' email addresses to your Mailchimp mailing lists and send them newsletters, inform them of your latest offers and other promotional emails, just by connecting your store with Mailchimp.

This article explains the process of connecting your store with Mailchimp.


  1. A Mailchimp account
  2. At least one mailing list in Mailchimp

Integrating with Mailchimp

Step 1: Retrieving the API key from Mailchimp

Here is how you could retrieve your keys from Mailchimp,

Click here to know how you could retrieve your Mailchimp API keys.

Step 2: Adding API keys on Retainful account

  1. Login to your Retainful account. Click on Integrations tab → Mailchimp.
  2. Paste the retrieved key on the API key field under Mailchimp heading.

3. Select your audience and click ‘Submit’

Now we have connected the Retainful account with Mailchimp mailing list.

The upcoming user emails would be added to the chosen Mailchimp mailing list.

NOTE: If users unsubscribe from the mails that are sent via MailChimp, that would unsubscribe them from the Mailchimp mailing list as well.