Personalizing your cart recovery emails

Sending personalized emails are a way to make your user feel important and special. Personalized emails have a higher conversion rate.

Retainful offers you many possibilities to send personalized emails using shortcodes.

This guide helps you understand how you could make your cart recovery emails more personal.

Step 1 - Personalized subject line

The very first step is to add a personalized subject line because subject lines are the first thing a user notices before opening an email.

To add a personalized subject line, you can make use of the user's name in it. Follow the below steps on how to add a user's name on the subject line using Retainful:

  1. Login to Retainful account. Go to Emails → Manage emails → Edit your email template.
  2. To display the user's name on the Subject line, you could use the shortcode {{customer_name}} on the subject line of your recovery email template like this:

NOTE: You could find more examples of personalized subject lines here.

Using the shortcode mentioned above would return the user's name they used on the checkout process.

Step 2 - Personalized email body

You can use the customer's first name in the mail body to make the email more relevant. Try using the user's first name above a Call-To-Action button for optimal personalization:

  1. In the template body, make use of the shortcode {{billing_address.first_name}} like this:

Though these are the most prominent personalization strategies, you could use other shortcodes as well to make the emails more personal. Here is a list of shortcodes.