Creating your first abandoned cart email series

After migrating to cloud, the next step is to set up your very first abandoned cart mail series using Retainful. Retainful lets you set up a cart recovery mail series in minimal steps.

This guide applies to users who use Retainful 2.x. Lets get started!

An ideal abandoned cart email sequence consists of 3 emails. Here is an example sequence:

  • First email-Send after email 30 minutes
  • Second email-Send after 6 hours
  • Third email -Send after 1 day

Creating the first email

  1. When you first login to your account, you would see the Create button. Click on the Create button to get started.
  1. If you are logging in for the second time or later, go to Emails->Email templates-> click on the Add email button to get started.
  1. In the resulting page, mention the email subject. For example: Teleport me to my cart! Set the time limit for the mail template to be triggered.
  1. Next comes the mail body. Retainful offers default templates which you could use on your templates. You could choose from the two available templates. Following is how the body section of the email after a template is chosen:
  1. Save and set the status to Active.
  2. This is the very first mail template of the series which would be triggered after 30 minutes of abandonment. You could check the look and layout by sending a test mail.
  3. Similarly set up the other two mail templates as mentioned in our scenario. The resultant sequence would look like this:

NOTE: On the emails page, the activation toggle would appear only if you have edited that particular email template atleast once.

We have now created our very first abandoned cart mail series.

Once this sequence is created, Retainful will automatically execute this sequence when a customer abandons the cart. Whenever the cart is recovered, the sequence will automatically stop for that particular customer.

You can also pause, edit or delete any email template whenever you wish.

What’s next