Creating your first abandoned cart email series

Now that your store is connected to Retainful, let’s start creating your first abandoned cart email series.

Retainful is very intuitive, it allows you to create an email series in just a few steps.

This guide applies to users who use Retainful 2.x.

Let’s get started!

Recommended Sequence

An ideal abandoned cart email sequence consists of 3 emails. Here is an example sequence:

  • First email - Send after email 30 minutes
  • Second email - Send after 6 hours
  • Third email - Send after 1 day

Creating the first email

  1. Login to or Sign up with Retainful.
  2. When you first log in to your account, you would see the Create button. Click on the Create button to get started.
  3. If you are logging in for the second time or later,

Navigate to Retainful dashboard → Emails → Manage emails

4. This will open the email templates page, where you’ll have 3 email templates by default.

5. Click ‘Edit’ on each template to change the time sequence and to draft the subject.

6. Select the recommended time sequence mentioned above, do this for all three templates.

7. Then click ‘Customize’ to edit the email templates.

8. Once you’ve customized your template, click ‘Save and Set live’, the first email template would be triggered 30 minutes after cart abandonment.

9. Similarly, do it for other two templates. Once you are done with the sequence, your email series will look like this,

We have now created our very first abandoned cart mail series.

Once this sequence is created, Retainful will automatically execute this sequence when a customer abandons the cart.

Whenever the cart is recovered, the sequence will automatically stop for that particular customer.

Short codes that can be used in your email templates

You could use shortcodes on your email templates to display dynamic data like the user's name and so on. Here is a list of the most prominent shortcodes that can be used.

  • {{customer_name}} - To display user's name in Subject line.
  • {{billing_address.first_name}} - To display the first name user enters on the billing address section of the checkout.
  • {{abandoned_checkout_url}} - Retainful can generate a unique recovery url for each cart. So make sure to use this short code with your CTAs / Buttons like "Complete your purchase". It can auto apply the coupon code if you added a coupon block in the email template
  • {{retainful_coupon}} - Displays the coupon code of the Woocommerce coupon. Note that a coupon block has to be added to the email template for this shortcode to display the Woocommerce coupon code.
  • {{abandoned_checkout_url_with_coupon_code}} - Same as the {{abandoned_checkout_url}}. It just gives a clarity. Both buttons can auto apply the coupon code if one was present in the email template.
  • {{shop.address}} - Displays the shop’s address mentioned in your Woocommerce store settings.
  • {{}} - Shows the shop’s email address specified in your Woocommerce store settings.

More such shortcodes can be found here