Collecting Email Address Before Adding an Item to Cart in WooCommerce

An important requirement to recover abandoned cart is the email address of the prospective customer.

As you have noticed, someone might add an item to cart. But if they leave your site without purchasing the item, then you left with no way of reaching him or her.

Collecting email address at the time of adding a product to cart is a best solution. This would help you reach out to the customer even if he abandons the cart and then recover it.

This guide walks you through the steps to Collect Email Address using the Retainful Abandoned Cart recovery plugin for WooCommerce.


Before we begin, the guide assumes the following:

The Add to cart popup premium add-on offers 2 awesome features

  • An Email Collection popup (triggered at the time of adding an item to cart)
  • Coupon code to incentivize the customer to give their email address

1. Setting up Email Collection

Please go to your WordPress Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Retainful -> Premium -> Add to cart popup.

Email Collection Add to Cart popup

Enable Add to Cart Popup modal: Set this field to YES to activate the popup for Email Collection

Email Address Mandatory: You can set this to YES to force customers to enter their email address before adding to cart. You can also have this set to NO if you do not want to force

No Thanks action: By default, Retainful will show a No Thanks link to close the popup and proceed to cart. This to ensure that the customer get a choice. Recommended setting is Allow adding to cart

2. Customizing the Email Collection Popup

Retainful allows you to customize the popup design. You can change the default text, button text, no thanks action link text and more.

Popup Design

It also lets you provide a GDPR compliance message since you were collecting the email address.

3. Save and Go Live!

Save and start recovering more abandoned carts effectively!

4. How does it look in the storefront?

Here is a screenshot of how it gets triggered while adding a product to cart.

Add to Cart Popup for WooCommerce

Pro Tip!

If you plainly say “Enter your email”, most customers would hesitate to provide it. So word the popup header differently!. Here are some creative headings for you!

  • Get special offers emailed to you!
  • Become our VIP customer. Get personalized offers delivered to your email!
  • Get notified early for the next sale!

Want to provide a better motivation?

Retainful understands the customer’s hesitation in parting with their email. So we have come up with an incentivisation feature to motivate customers to give thier email. You can display an offer in the Add to cart Popup and send a coupon code when customer enter’s his email address.

Checkout the tutorial on Showing an Offer in Email Collection Popup