Adding a store logo on your email template

A store logo is the symbol of your brand. Make sure they get a place in your abandoned cart recovery templates. A logo on the emails is a gentle reminder of your brand.

With Retainful, you could add your Store’s logo anywhere on the Abandoned cart emails that you send. This article walks you through the process of adding a logo on your Recovery mail templates.

Adding a store logo on your email template using Retainful

Once you start using Retainful version 2.x, all the mail handling is done on your Retainful account that is connected to your store. Here is how you could add a store logo to your mail templates while using version 2.x

Method-1: Editing the existing logo

  1. Login to your Retainful account ->Emails ->Choose a template or add a new template.
  2. A default logo would be available on the chosen template. Double click on the Default logo to replace it with your brand logo.
  3. Once you double click, a popup would show up with an option to upload an image or drag and drop an image file.
  4. You could either drag and drop your desired image file or browse and upload the file. The file would be listed on the right pane.
  1. Click on the uploaded image to add it to the template as shown below:

Method-2: Adding a new image block

You could add a new image block and then add a logo at your desired positions.

  1. Drag and drop the image block from the list of block elements on the desired position:
  1. Once the image block is dragged and dropped, follow steps 2 to 5 from Method-1.

Now, we have uploaded the store logo in the image block position.

Retainful lets you customize the store logo as per your requirements. To customize:

  1. Select the image block where you have added the store logo. Settings would show up at the far right corner of the template body.
  2. Settings block -Here you can find options to link your store logo to a desired page.
  3. Dimensions block -In this section, you could modify the logo’s dimensions, set padding.
  4. Typography block -This segment lets you align your store logo. The default alignment is center.
  5. Decorations block -Now its time to add a neat background to the logo block and shape the edges of the logo.

You could style the logo as per your requirements.

Video tutorial

Here is a video on how to add a store logo to your abandoned cart email templates:


In this article, we saw how to:

  1. Add a store logo to your abandoned cart emails.
  2. Customize the logo.