Creating Abandoned cart recovery campaign

Retainful offers a chance for you to recover the abandoned carts and convert them into sales.

In this article, we’ll see how to create an Abandoned cart recovery campaign for your Shopify store.

Abandoned cart recovery

Long story short, customers sometimes abandon their carts after adding products to the cart. Retainful can help you recover these abandoned carts by sending a series of cart recovery emails to the customer.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? It’s even more interesting to set it up.

Cart recovery campaign

Generally, there are two ways to create an Abandoned cart recovery email campaign,

1.  Using predefined email templates for abandoned carts.

2.  Using user-defined email template for abandoned carts

But, before we jump off to creating emails, there are few abandoned cart settings that have to be managed,

Abandoned cart settings

These pre-requisite settings have to be tweaked prior to creating an Abandoned cart recovery campaign,

  • Navigate to your Retainful dashboard.
  • Click ‘Settings’, then scroll down to ‘Abandoned carts’.

Under ‘Abandoned carts’, there are some parameters to be defined,

1. When to consider a cart as abandoned?

Here you can select the time in minutes(10, 35, 40, 60), so if you select 15 minutes, Retainful will wait 15 minutes for a customer to complete his cart successfully. If the cart is not completed successfully, then it will be considered abandoned.

Example: A customer adds an item to cart at 10:00 am. If he did not complete it by 10:15, then the cart will be considered as abandoned.

Once the cart’s status turned into abandoned, it will be considered for the recovery email sequence.

2. Should the store admin be notified when the cart is recovered?

So, if you want to receive notification of the recovered cart you can select ‘Yes’ or else select ‘No’. Recommended: Yes.

3. Do you want to handle duplicate carts automatically?

If the same person abandons multiple carts with same items, same email address from the same IP address, only one of them will be considered for email sequence. The rest will be marked as duplicate. Recommended setting: YES

4. Mention the time duration for when these duplicate carts should be reconsidered?

The maximum threshold to consider a cart duplicate from the same person, same email address from same IP address. Default value is: 24 hours.  

Once you’ve selected the suitable settings, click ‘Save’

Creating an abandoned cart recovery campaign

Now that we’ve tweaked the settings, let’s hop into creating a cart recovery campaign.

1. Using predefined email templates

Retainful makes creating abandoned cart emails easy.

When you create an account, Retainful automatically creates three predefined email templates for you to save your time.

You just have to open them, change the logo, customize the email body and set them live.

  1. Navigate to Retainful dashboard → Emails → Abandoned carts recovery campaign.

2.  When you click ‘Manage emails’, you’ll land on Email templates for the Abandoned cart page where you can edit and manage your emails.

Here you can see there are 3 pre-defined templates at a defined time sequence.

Time sequence

The time sequence is the interval at which abandoned cart emails have to be sent. By default, it comes with 3-time sequences,

  1. Send 1 hour after cart abandonment
  2. Send 6 hours after cart abandonment
  3. Send 1 day after cart abandonment

Can we change the pre-defined time intervals?

Of course, they can be changed, we’ll show you how,

  1. Click ‘Edit’ on the email template to open the abandoned cart template settings page.
  2. Here you can change the email’s subject, the time sequence of emails, and also you can customize the templates.

  1. You can change the time in hours, minutes, and days for all the templates and click ‘Save and set live’.
  2. You can also customize your email templates by clicking ‘customize’.
  3. What if I want to personalize your email subject lines?

Yes, you can personalize by adding the customer’s name to the email subject line using the shortcode ‘Use {{customer_name}}’

Here you can see how the time interval has been changed from ‘1 hour’ to ‘3 hours’ and the subject line has customers’ names on it.

Once it is all set up, Retainful will send cart recovery emails as per the time sequence.

2. Using user-defined email templates

The above method is for predefined email templates, now if you think three cart recovery emails aren’t enough, or if you want to change the frequency of emails you can create new emails.

The new email template will be an addition to the already existing pre-defined templates.

Let’s look at the sequential process of creating user-defined emails,

  1. Navigate to Retainful dashboard → Emails → Abandoned carts recovery campaign.
  2. Click on ‘Add email’ below the predefined email templates

3.  Now, you’ll be prompted with a popup displaying 2 templates. You can preview these templates and select the one you prefer.

4.  Once you’ve reviewed it, click ‘use’ to set this template, this will open the similar Abandoned cart email template as seen earlier.

5.  In this template settings page, you can write the email subject line and specify the time interval of the emails.

6.  After crafting the subject line and specifying the time interval, click Save and Set live’.

7.  Now the user-defined email that you created now will be added to the sequence along with the 3 predefined emails that you customized earlier.

You can see the new template has been added to the exiting abandoned cart recovery campaign.

Yes, we did it !!

Now Retainful will start sending cart recovery emails at the specified time sequence until the customers recover it. Simple, isn’t it?