Retainful - The Simple way to Retain all your customers

Retainful - The Simple way to Retain all your customers

Posted by Siddharth on 18 January, 2019 in woocommerce

Dear Reader! Business ain’t just making New Customers- Business is about Retaining a Customer

Well, the Success of any online business heavily shoulders on the customer base. Agree? More the number of customers more will be the online revenue. In fact, I’m not surprised if customer acquisition cost rings an alarm now? But, here’s a fact to humor you.

  • Retaining an existing customer saves you 5 times the cost to acquire a new customer.

Read along to know what actually makes a customer to make repeat purchases at your online store.

What is RetainFul in WooCommerce?

RetainFul is the best WooCommerce plugin to boost your customer engagement. It motivates the customers to make repeat purchases by offering next-order discount coupons. Next order discount coupon is a WooCommerce discount method to offer coupon codes to customers that can be used on their next purchase.

Got the Catch? The next order coupon discounts will surely make your existing customers come back and shop more. Who in this online world misses out on a WooCommece discount coupon!

Thereby, RetainFul drives more sales to your WooCommerce store.

Why your online store needs RetainFul?

Saving is Earning! pal

RetainFul gives you a unique set of tools to improve your online sales. Also, profound marketing case study says that the stakes selling a product to a new prospect is only 5-20% while the success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. RetainFul makes you achieve that 60-70%.

Advantages of adding RetainFul to your WooCommerce store

  • Allows you to stay in touch with your existing customer base
  • Increase in Up-sell and cross-selling opportunities
  • Saves your customer acquisition cost by 5 times
  • Improves the success of your selling rate by 70%
  • Improves your Brand name
  • Earns your customer loyalty

How RetainFul works?

Words of Wisdom comes again- RetainFul helps your eCommerce store to drive repeat purchases from existing customers. The basic idea revolves around WooCommerce coupons and discounts. This smart coupon plugin allows you to create unique coupon codes referred to as next order coupons. And the beautiful thing is that, RetainFul sends the next order coupons automatically to the customers. And the customers can use the discount coupon on their next purchase at your online store.

The added advantage with RetainFul is the active engagement your store receives with the transactional emails. Coupon codes are generated automatically and shared in transactional emails that are sent to customers after every purchase.

Well, the smart coupon plugin allows you to create

  • Both simple percentage discounts and fixed price discounts as well.
  • RetainFul also gives you the complete insight into the performance of your transactional emails.
  • Customers who have opened the email with a next-order coupon.
  • Customers who have used the next-order coupons and can even track the revenue with this WooCommerce plugin.

Desserts End Dinners! Here’s the Sweetest thing of all. If you ask me what is the price that you need to pay to use the plugin and retain all your customers

Yes. Absolutely Free. Download the plugin now and earn the Biggest asset of your Business- Loyal Customers.