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Retainful – The Best Conversion and Sales Boosting Automation Tool

Posted by Joel Platini on  July 16, 2021  in Plugins

Hey, how is your cart abandonment rate holding up? Are you able to recover abandoned carts and retain your customers effectively?

If your answer is “No”, then you are at the right place as we have the perfect solution that can help you boost your conversions and sales.

With the average cart abandonment rate touching 69% as of 2021, recovering abandoned carts and getting hold of your loyal customers can be tough.

Wait, are you saying that your solution can recover abandoned carts and retain customers simultaneously? You might ask.

Oh, our tool can do much more than just recover carts. Come on, we will take you on a journey to the incredible conversion and sales boosting features of Retainful.


Retainful is an eCommerce marketing platform that can help you overcome various sales impacting hurdles. It is an automated tool that is available on both WooCommerce and Shopify platforms.


Available in both Free and Premium versions, Retainful is the right tool you need to take your eCommerce store to the next level and here are the sales boosting features that can help you achieve it.

Abandoned cart recovery

Online cart abandonment has become a menace to eCommerce sales hasn’t it? The rate of abandoned carts will keep on increasing if you don’t invest your efforts to stop it.

This is where Retainful comes into play. It can help you recover your abandoned carts effortlessly by sending cart recovery emails to customers automatically.

 Abandoned cart recovery

What this tool does is, it starts tracking customer activity in your store and as soon as they abandon their cart, it will send a series of cart recovery emails to customers until they return to your store and recover his/her cart.

As we mentioned earlier, Retainful is automated, all you have to do is create a cart recovery sequence and Retainful will automatically start sending emails to customers at specified intervals as soon as they abandon their cart.

You might ask, what if the customer doesn’t return to the store?

Create Discount

Well, we have a solution for that too, Discounts. Yes, Retainful allows you to add discounts to your cart recovery emails to encourage the customers to recover their carts.

It also comes with pre-built email templates, email editor with multiple customization options, shortcodes for personalization and an insightful dashboard that furnishes your campaign reports in real-time.

Next order coupons

Retaining your customers is much more crucial than acquiring new ones and Next order coupons can help you do that.

Tell us, how well do you know that customers will return to your store after the purchase?

It is hard to tell, isn’t it? Well, a customer will not return to your store right away unless there is a strong reason to return. And that is why Next order coupons have become a huge success.

Next order coupons

Sending Next order coupons in your order confirmation or thank you email will encourage the customer to return to your store as now they have a strong reason.

No eCommerce customer will pass on a discount coupon, that too right after completing a purchase. The customer will return to your store to make use of that coupon and drive repeated sales.

This will help you foster customer loyalty in your store and boost your customer retention rate. Using Retainful, you can automatically generate next order coupons and send them in your mails.

You can also set an expiry date to the coupons and send email reminders to create FOMO among the customers. All of your Next order coupon performance can be viewed in your dashboard.

Referral program

Surprised, aren’t you? Abandoned cart recovery, Next order coupons and now a Referral program? Well, that is why we told you there is more to Retainful than meets the eye.

We all know how expensive it is to acquire new customers. Also, why spend a lot in acquiring customers while your existing customer can bring you more revenue than them.

Not only revenue, your existing customers can also bring you new customers with the help of a Referral program.


Run a referral program in your store and turn your existing customers into brand advocates to acquire new customers. Retailful lets you launch a referral program within minutes.

Each customer will get a referral link which can be shared via social media. And when a new customer visits your store using the referral link and completes a purchase both the referral and referrer will be rewarded. This is how Retainful’s referral program works.

You can offer various types of discounts as referral rewards. Also you can set a minimum purchase limit to earn the reward, this will increase your average order value and boost your sales.

Referral emails are available along with pre-built templates to notify customers. Retainful lets you track your referral performance in real-time on the dashboard.

So, if you are looking to acquire new customers cost-effectively and retain customers at the same time then Retainful’s referral program is the one you need.

Ecommerce marketing automation

We live in a digital world where everything happens in an instant. With the competition looming around every corner, you need to innovate your strategies if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

This is where our eCommerce marketing automation can help you out. See, you cannot manually be present for all your marketing activities, it is tedious. So, automate your strategies and watch your sales skyrocket.

Drive sales on auto-pilot using our pre-built automation workflows for cart recovery, order follow-ups, win-back campaigns and thank you emails.

It is more like taking a shortcut to the top, you can effortlessly trigger the right campaign based customer behavior and send emails automatically to boost your sales without breaking a sweat.

Abandoned cart recovery

Automatically send cart recovery emails to customers based on customer behaviour until they recover their cart.

Order Follow ups

Keep your engagement going even after the purchase is complete using follow up emails. You can also send smart coupons to make them return to your store and drive repeated sales.

Win-back series

Get back to your inactive customers, encourage them with special deals and win them back to your store using win-back series.

Thank you series

Offer your gratitude to your customers for purchasing at your store and boost your customer retention rate using Thank your series.

These are the automation features available in Retainful. All you have to do is create the sequence using the workflow builder and relax. Let the magic happen on its own.

Retainful’s eCommerce marketing automation has its own workflow builder with triggers & splits, pre-built message templates, real-time analytics that can help you skyrocket your sales with ease.

What characterizes us from our competitors?

In the world of WooCommerce and Shopify, there are many platforms that offer similar services as we do but there are quite a few things where we excel than our competitors.

Customer retention

One thing that all of the Retainful features have in common is the ability to boost customer retention.

Right from abandoned cart recovery to the thank you emails of automation, all the features were solely developed with customer retention as its core.

Ecommerce stores nowadays are finding it hard to get hold of potential customers. But with Retainful, you can effortlessly retain your loyal customers and boost your revenue.

Customer loyalty

Loyal customers are the ones that can ten-fold your revenue. Keeping your loyal customers satisfied is crucial to stay ahead of your competitors.

Offer next order coupons, run a referral program and reward loyal customers’ efforts with exclusive deals using Retainful and make them stay loyal to your store for a long time.

All in one

Retainful is one of the very marketing tools that offer cart recovery, next order coupons, referral program and marketing automation under one roof.

Retainful all in one

Retainful is probably the only cart recovery tool that lets you run a Referral program in your store. Both the features are crucial for eCommerce stores to stay relevant in the market and Retainful brings them to your doorstep.

Premium features

We have seen many stores use two different tools for cart recovery and popups. So, here comes the surprise, Retainful has popup features that can boost your conversions.

  1. Exit-intent popup – Prevent your customers from quitting your store by displaying an exit intent popup and make them stay in your store.
  2. Add to cart popup – Capture customer’s email addresses before they leave using an Add to cart popup for further engagements.
  3. Countdown timer – Display a countdown timer in your product page to create FOMO and make the customers purchase the product.

All of these features are available in the premium version of Retainful.


Did someone say “Onboarding specialist”? Imagine having a dedicated expert to help you with your marketing strategies. Yes, Retainful has the best onboarding specialists that can guide you through all the functionalities of Retainful and help you reach your marketing goals with ease.


You can hardly find a cart recovery tool for free, but not Retainful. Despite having some of the best sales boosting features under a single roof, customers have lauded Retainful’s pricing plans for its cost-effectiveness.

 Retainful pricing

Well, getting abandoned cart recovery and next order coupons features for free is a deal of a lifetime which you shouldn’t miss.

These are some of the aspects that distinguishes us from our competitors and make Retainful the best addition to your store to reach your marketing milestones.

Quick rundown on major Retainful functionalities

  • Pre-built email templates
  • Drag & Drop email editor
  • Unlimited email sequence
  • Shortcodes for personalization
  • Offer fixed amount, percentage & free shipping discounts
  • Advocate & Friend reward
  • Unique referral link
  • Real-time analytics
  • Live support
  • Multiple ESP integrations
  • IP filtered tracking
  • Fraud prevention
  • Single click recovery
  • Workflow builder
  • Trigger rules
  • Path splits
  • Legacy & dynamic coupons
  • A/B test for emails

Wrapping up

We know that abandoned carts can impact sales, loyal customers are the ones that keep returning to your store and acquiring new customers is expensive. But all of these major eCommerce hurdles can be sorted out with Retainful.

Install Retainful and keep your loyal customer satisfied with rewards, offer coupons to drive repeated sales and drive your marketing campaigns on auto-pilot effortlessly.

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