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How to edit abandoned cart emails in shopify

How to Edit Abandoned Cart Emails in Shopify?

Are you wondering how to minimize abandoned checkouts in your Shopify store? The easiest way to do it is by recovering your abandoned checkouts by sending a series of Shopify abandoned checkout emails and converting them to sales.

But to achieve this feat, your Shopify abandoned checkout emails must be able to persuade your customers and convert them. Pre-built Shopify abandoned checkout email templates can only help you to a certain extent, if you want your emails to be more convincing, you need to edit them to fit your preference.

Yeah, we know what you are thinking, how to edit Shopify abandoned checkout emails, right?

The process is as simple as it can be. In this article, we will show you how to edit Shopify abandoned checkout emails both from Shopify and from our Shopify Abandoned Cart email app Retainful.

Once done, you can start customizing your Shopify abandoned checkout emails effortlessly on your own as per your personal preference.

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What is Shopify abandoned cart email?

Customers will visit your store and start adding products to their carts, but due to some reasons, they will quit your store without checking out leaving behind an abandoned cart.

These abandoned carts cannot be kept aside as they hold a certain value in them which will impact your sales. So, you need to recover these abandoned carts and convert them into revenue.

Abandoned cart email
Shopify abandoned cart email

To recover these carts, Shopify store owners send emails requesting the customers to return to the store and complete their checkouts. These emails are called Shopify abandoned cart emails.

Shopify abandoned cart emails are usually sent as a sequence in specified time intervals until the customer recovers his/her cart.

Do Shopify Abandoned Cart emails work?

Before we talk about how effective Shopify Abandoned cart emails are, we must understand why we send them in the first place.

Cart abandonment cannot be predicted, as there are various reasons that influence abandonment. If you want to prevent cart abandonment, you must first figure out the reasons and find a solution to each one of them.

It can be tedious, as you need to invest a lot, and also you need more manpower. So, marketers thought of another way to solve it.

Why risk investment and manpower to prevent cart abandonment when you can easily recover them by sending emails?

And that’s why online businesses started sending abandoned checkout emails, to recover abandoned carts easily without spending too much and using lesser resources.

Now back to the question, Do Shopify Abandoned Cart emails work?

Yes, they do.

Studies show that around 45% of shopify abandoned checkout emails are opened by customers and 10% of them returned to the store and recovered their abandoned carts.

Abandoned Checkout statistics
Shopify abandoned cart email

Online businesses have doubled their sales with Abandoned Cart emails as returning customers tend to purchase more.

Also, sending Shopify Abandoned Cart emails is a great way to win back customers. You can personalize Shopify Abandoned Cart email templates, foster customer loyalty and increase your sales.

Most of the time, a customer will abandon his cart due to higher additional costs. Offering a Shopify Abandoned checkout email discount or free shipping via abandoned cart recovery emails will encourage customers to return and recover their carts.

So, yeah, Shopify Abandoned Cart emails do work wonders. All you need to do is follow a handful of Shopify Abandoned Cart email hacks & tips to increase your sales.

Why do customers abandon carts?

All right, in the previous section, we vaguely talked about the reasons for cart abandonment. Now let us see in detail why do customers abandon carts?

The predictable reasons for cart abandonment are:

  • High product price, shipping/additional costs
  • Mandatory account creation
  • Complicated checkout process
  • Lack of security
  • Limited payment options
  • Website issues, non-friendly user interface
  • Currency issues
  • Lack of discounts
  • Unsatisfactory return policy
  • Poor customer support

A customer might have abandoned their cart due to a handful of reasons listed above, so picking the right one can be hard.

Then you might wonder, how can I find the exact reason for cart abandonment in my store. To do that, you need to analyze and re-strategize your entire checkout process, and only then can you isolate the reason.

It’s time-consuming, and also it will cost you more. Moreover, you also need credible manpower to do it. That’s why sending Shopify Abandoned Checkout emails is an easier option.

How do I recover my Shopify abandoned cart?

We know this runs in your mind, how do I recover my shopify abandoned cart?

Well, recovering Shopify abandoned checkouts is easy. All you need is a Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery app that can send automated cart recovery emails to customers.

There are plenty of Shopify Abandoned Cart email apps, but we are going to talk about the most popular one – Retainful.

Retainful is an all-in-one email marketing automation app. It can send automated Abandoned Cart Recovery emails even without your presence. You can edit the abandoned cart recovery emails, personalize them, add discounts with Shopify Abandoned Cart email and do more with Retainful.

Shopify abandoned cart email

Sending just one abandoned checkout email might not be enough, so you have to create an abandoned cart recovery email series. The best Shopify Abandoned Cart email practice is to send a series of abandoned cart emails, 3 or 5 as per your preference.

In Retainful, there are 3 abandoned cart recovery emails by default. Each email is unique to the
other but serves the same purpose of recovering abandoned carts.

You can use the customer journey builder to create an automated workflow, set it Live and Retainful will start sending abandoned cart recovery emails as soon as the customer abandons his cart.

This is how it goes,

  1. Get a Shopify Abandoned Cart Recovery app
  2. Build an Abandoned Cart automation workflow
  3. Set it Live
  4. Start sending emails automatically
  5. Send coupons & create FOMO to motivate customers
  6. Customer recovers his cart

You can send Abandoned Cart emails directly from your Shopify store, but having a dedicated Shopify Abandoned Cart app has its own advantages.

How do I manually send an Abandoned Cart email?

The one common question that most eCommerce store owners ask is, how to send abandoned cart emails in Shopify?

Generally, there are two ways to send Shopify Abandoned Cart emails, either directly from your Shopify store or using a cart recovery app.

Sending abandoned cart emails from Shopify store

  1. Log in to your Shopify store. Once you are in, click ‘Settings’
Shopify store
Shopify abandoned cart email

2. Navigate to Settings –> Checkouts –> Abandoned Checkout

Shopify abandoned cart email
Abandoned checkouts
Shopify abandoned cart email

Here you can choose the options that fits your preference,

  • You can select if you want your emails to send automatically.
  • Choose whether your Guests or signed-in members should receive the cart recovery email.
  • Select when you want to send the email post abandonment

After choosing the right options, click ‘save’.

Now you have configured your abandoned cart email settings. It is time to edit your email template.

How do I customize my abandoned checkout email on Shopify?

  1. To edit or customize the email template, click ‘Customize email’ in the abandoned checkout menu
Customize emails
Shopify abandoned cart email

You can also access this email template from Settings → Notification → Abandoned checkout.

You can find your abandoned checkout email template here. On this template page, you can edit the subject line, edit the email body using HTML and use variables to add accent color and logo.

Shopify abandoned cart email

Once you are done, click ‘Save’

Your abandoned checkout email template will be set live and Shopify will automatically send these abandoned checkout emails at specified intervals as the way you configured earlier.

But. like we said, sending Shopify abandoned checkout emails from the Shopify store have their limitations. You need to have coding knowledge to customize the Shopify abandoned cart email templates. Also, it doesn’t have a drip email sequence.

This is why it is safe to choose a Shopify Abandoned Cart email app to recover your abandoned carts as they offer more functionalities.

Sending at least three abandoned cart recovery email reminders can increase your cart recovery rate

Create a cart recovery campaign

How do I add a logo to an Abandoned Cart email on Shopify?

Adding a logo to your Shopify Abandoned Cart email template is easy, the process is similar to the one we explained before.

  1. Once you are logged in, navigate to Settings → Notifications
Customize email template
Shopify abandoned cart email

2. Click ‘Customize’ under customer notifications to open the ‘Customize email templates’ page.

Add logo to email
Shopify abandoned cart email

Click ‘Choose FIle’ under Logo section to add the logo to your Shopify abandoned checkout email template.

  1. Once done, click ‘Save’.

Now all the emails will be sent with your logo at specified timings.

How to send a second shopify abandoned checkout email?

Sometimes, sending a single abandoned cart recovery email might not do the work. That is why you must send a series of emails to persuade customers to recover their carts.

Like we said earlier, Shopify’s built-in abandoned checkout recovery system has its limitations.

To send a second abandoned checkout email, you need to go through the process right from step 1 again. It can be annoying.

Abandoned cart emails must flow on their own at the right time, you cannot manually configure emails every time and send them to all your customers.

An easy fix is, Install a Shopify abandoned cart email app.

Apps like Retainful can help you create a series of emails and it can automatically send these emails even without your presence. No manual trigger is needed.

Retainful workflow
Shopify abandoned cart email

By default, Retainful lets you send 3 emails as part of your Shopify Abandoned Cart recovery campaign. But you can add more emails as per your preference.

So, the next time when you want to send a second Shopify Abandoned Cart email, Retainful can help you with it.

Send Abandoned Cart emails using a Shopify Abandoned Cart email app

You can install an email marketing automation plugin like Retainful to help you recover all your abandoned carts and convert them into sales.

It is an all-in-one Shopify Abandoned Cart email app that can track cart abandonment in an instant and send a series of abandoned cart recovery emails at regular time intervals until the customer recovers his/her cart.

Shopify abandoned cart email

There is more to Retainful but now let us focus on how to send Shopify abandoned cart emails using it, you can find it here.

How to customize Shopify Abandoned Cart email?

Now you know how to send Shopify abandoned checkout emails but you might wonder, is sending an email is just enough to bring customers back to the store.

No, it is not enough.

You need to customize Shopify Abandoned Checkout email and make it look enticing to achieve desired conversions.

Without customization, your emails will not engage with the customers. Also, customization will give you a chance to add visual elements, discounts, personalization and more. All of which can increase your conversions.

So, back to the question, how do I edit my Abandoned Cart email Shopify?

Customize Shopify Abandoned Checkout emails using Retainful

We believe you have already installed Retainful in your Shopify store as mentioned in the previous section.

Let’s get into the simple process of customizing Shopify abandoned cart emails,

  1. Click ‘Automation’ in your Retainful dashboard.
Retainful dashboard
Shopify abandoned cart email

2. In the Workflows window, click ‘Create Workflows’

Create workflow
Shopify abandoned checkout email

3. Create Workflows page will be displayed, click ‘Abandoned cart recovery with dynamic coupon’ to open that particular workflow.

Create abandoned cart workflow
Shopify abandoned checkout email

4. Enter a name for your cart recovery workflow and click ‘Continue’.

Campaign name
Shopify abandoned checkout email

Your workflow will be created and you will be redirected to the Workflow builder page where you can customize Shopify abandoned cart email.

Your workflow builder page should look like this.

Workflow builder
Shopify abandoned checkout email

5. By default there will be 3 emails in your abandoned cart automation workflow. You can add more as per your preference.

To customize Shopify abandoned cart email, click on Email 1.

 Email 1 customization
Shopify abandoned checkout email

Once you click on Email 1, the corresponding email template menu will be displayed on the right side.

6. In the template menu, you can edit the subject line and preview text. If you want to use a different template, click ‘change template’

Change template
Shopify abandoned checkout email

You can choose the template you want from the list and click ‘Use this template’.

Different template
Shopify abandoned checkout email

Once you click ‘Use this template’, you will be redirected to the email editor page where you can customize the template.


7. If you are satisfied with the existing given template, you can directly access the Drag & drop email editor by clicking ‘Configure email content’

Configure email content
Shopify abandoned checkout email

This is how your email editor page will look like,

 Email editor
Shopify abandoned checkout email

How do you edit an Shopify Abandoned Checkout email?

Drag & Drop email editor

Customizing Shopify Abandoned Checkout email is simple using the Drag & drop email editor.

You can find the Shopify Abandoned Checkout email template in the middle and the editing options on the right.

Let us see the available editing options in the email editor and we’ll show you how to use them in your templates via video


Shopify abandoned checkout email

Under this menu, you can find Section, Elements & Store element options.

  1. Section – If you want to segment your abandoned cart email content with columns, you can find it here.
  2. Elements – Store Logo, CTA, Social sharing buttons are all crucial for conversions. You can add these elements to your abandoned cart emails by just dragging and dropping them from this menu.
  3. Store Element – Address, unsubscribe buttons, abandoned product list should be added in an abandoned cart email to increase the chances of conversion. You can add them to the Shopify abandoned checkout email template from this menu.
Shopify abandoned checkout email

You can see how easy it is, all you have to do is just drag & drop it on your abandoned cart email template and you are good to go.


Styles section
Shopify abandoned checkout email

Under the Styles section, you can change the appearances corresponding to the respective blocks.

  1. Dimension – You can alter the Margin and Padding dimensions of the selected blocks.
  2. Typography – Change the Font size, color, size, line spacing and alignment of the text.
  3. Decorations – You can change the background color, size and Border dimensions here.
  4. Icons – If you have included social media icons in your abandoned checkout email template, you can change the color of those icons using this option.

These are the options available in the Drag & drop email editor. You can click on the options you want and you can see the changes happen on the abandoned cart email template in real-time. You can use these to customize Shopify abandoned cart email and increase your conversion.

Wait, there’s more,

Shopify abandoned checkout email

You can find these icons on the top left corner of the email editor, select anyone to check how your Shopify abandoned cart email templates will look on other devices.

Once you are done with the customization, you can preview the abandoned cart email and click ‘Save’ to save the template.

Save & close
Shopify abandoned checkout email

Click ‘Close’ to exit the editor.

Similarly, you can use these steps to edit all your abandoned cart emails in your workflow to make it more persuasive.

That’s it you have successfully customized your Shopify abandoned cart emails and they will be sent automatically to the customer as part of your workflow.

To set the campaign live, click ‘Start Workflow’ and keep an eye on the analytics to see how your Shopify abandoned cart emails perform.

Start workflow
Shopify abandoned checkout email

How do I improve my shopify abandoned cart email?

Shopify Abandoned checkout emails offer the easiest way to recover abandoned carts. So, you need to nail them if you want to increase the conversion.

Here are some of the best practices you can use to improve Shopify Abandoned Checkout email.

  • Select the right Shopify abandoned cart recovery app
  • Write clear & compelling subject lines
  • Keep your email copy precise
  • Use dynamic & attractive CTA
  • Choose the best timing to send your emails
  • Include product images in your emails
  • Include Shopify abandoned cart email discount to increase conversions

Please make use of these tips the next time you create your Shopify abandoned checkout emails and increase their open rates & conversions.

Wrapping Up

Sending Shopify abandoned Checkout emails is the easiest way to recover abandoned carts. But these emails need to be enticing enough to convince the customers and convert them.

That’s why we showed you in this article how to customize Shopify abandoned cart email using Shopify and Retainful. Customize Shopify abandoned checkout emails using the steps discussed in this article and make your emails look visually pleasing.

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