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5 Successful ways to increase customer retention in your eCommerce Store

Posted by Joel Platini on 24 January, 2020 in ecommerce

The importance of customer retention is slowly unearthing as the competition to reach the top of the market upsurged. To give you a heads up, we looked into this impeccable marketing strategy and found out the 5 best ways to increase customer retention in your store.

Why is customer retention important? It is one of the flawless marketing strategies employed by store owners to make their customers stay…

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How to Reduce Checkout Time in a Shopping Cart?

Posted by Sharon Thomas on 10 October, 2019 in ecommerce

Looking for ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment on your store? Reducing your eCommerce cart checkout time can help decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate. Learn how to reduce eCommerce cart checkout time in this blog.

Straight to the point… The global average cart abandonment rate at present stands at 75.6%. This means 7 out of 10 shoppers abandon their…

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10 Proven Ways to Convert Your Abandoned Cart Website Visitors Into Loyal Customers

Posted by Sharon Thomas on 12 September, 2019 in ecommerce

Converting your abandoned cart website visitors into loyal customers can prove to be immensely helpful for the growth of your eCommerce store. We've come up with a few best cart abandonment tactics that can help convert your abandoned cart visitors into your loyal customers.

Time is running out. You might have to forsake a loyal customer by the time you scan the intro. So, let’s get to the point. Cart abandonment…

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Why customers abandon shopping cart & Proven Ideas to Recover abandoned carts

Posted by Sharon Thomas on 06 June, 2019 in ecommerce

eCommerce store owners often wonder why customers abandoned their shopping carts? Here, we've come up with the top reasons for cart abandonment and proven ideas to recover abandoned carts on your eCommerce store.

Individuals differ in color, race, religion, gender, beliefs, esthetic values, morals, and whatnot. In a similar fashion, the reasons behind…

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7 Successful Cart Recovery Email Examples to Bring Customers Back

Posted by Siddharth on 20 April, 2019 in ecommerce

Learn how to write successful cart recovery emails that would win customers back. Cart recovery emails are a great way to bring your abandonment cart visitors back. Here are 7 successful abandoned cart follow up email examples for you to use.

Cart abandonment is a tough reality to accept if you are running an online store. Yes, 70% of your website visitors are going to leave your…

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How to send FREE Cart Recovery emails in WooCommerce

Posted by Siddharth on 02 April, 2019 in ecommerce

Send free cart recovery emails on your WooCommerce store with Retainful. Follow up abandoned cart emails can help recover lost sales and increase your store's revenue. Learn how you can send free WooCommerce cart recovery emails in this read.

Howdy WooCommerce user, If you are reading this you’d already be knowing the importance of recovering your abandoned carts to increase…

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