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Recover Lost Sales and Delight Customers with Abandoned Cart Automation

Don’t miss out on potential sales! Our advanced tool brings back shoppers who left your website without buying. It’s all about recovering lost revenue, boosting conversions, and improving your bottom line. With personalized recommendations and seamless integration, it’s easier than ever. 

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Why Choose Our Abandoned Cart Sales Multiplier?

Use our plugin to effortlessly track cart abandonment, send enticing email reminders, and recover those lost sales – all with just a few clicks.

Track Abandoned Carts

Our user-friendly plugin allows you to effortlessly monitor cart abandonment on your website. No complicated setups or coding required.

High Open Rates

Abandoned cart emails enjoy a remarkable 45% open rate – that's significantly higher than regular emails. This means your message is more likely to be seen and acted upon.

Recover Lost Sales

You can convert 10-15% of those abandoned carts into successful purchases. Imagine the revenue boost when you recover even a fraction of those lost sales.

Abandoned Cart Email Automation

Effortless Recovery of Lost Revenue with Pre-built Workflows

Reclaiming lost sales has never been easier. Experience the power of Retainful’s abandoned cart email automation, featuring pre-built workflows and templates designed to effortlessly recover potential revenue. Say goodbye to the hassle of creating workflows from scratch. Our pre-built template consists of three strategically scheduled emails, ensuring your customers return and complete their purchases.

Edit personalize

Edit and Personalize

Craft Engaging Emails with the Drag-and-drop Editor Effortlessly.

To capture your customer’s attention, you must craft a compelling email with a catchy subject line, strong CTA, and high-quality images. With Retainful, customize all of these elements in every way you like. Just drag and drop the elements you want to include and click ‘Send’. It is that simple.

Dynamic coupons

Revive Abandoned Carts with Tailored Incentives.

Sometimes, it takes more than a reminder for the customers to finish the purchase. Motivate them by sending discount coupons along with your emails. Retainful has a built-in dynamic code generator with options to set the discount type, minimum order value, and more.

Revive abandoned carts
Trigger block
Wait block
Email block

Easy to set up

Set your triggers, entry rules, wait time, and edit the email content in minutes.

Step 1 - Trigger block

Set a trigger when a customer should enter the workflow. The Entry Rule lets you restrict customers from entering the workflow if they have already entered.

Step 2 - Wait block

Set the time delay for sending the first email to prevent sending the email as soon as the customer checks out.

Step 3 - Email block

Customize the email subject line, preview text, email content, and template of your choice with the drag-and-drop editor.

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Are abandoned carts holding you back? Count on us.

Retainful is trusted by 15000+ e-commerce merchants and generated more than $600 million in sales.

Need help to create Abandoned Cart Email Workflow?

Creating an abandoned cart email with Retainful is effortless. Simply leverage Retainful’s user-friendly interface to set up workflows that has triggers, entry rules, and time delay between emails. You can also edit the email content and send dynamic coupons with the email in Retainful.

Abandoned cart recovery starts by detecting the cart abandonment and utilizing automated email sequences to remind the customer to complete the purchase. The emails are well-timed and personlised, encouraging the customer to return to the store and finalize their purchase, often with incentives like discounts.

You can track the abandoned carts real time in the Retainful dashboard. It shows when the cart is abandoned, the items in the cart and whether it is recoverable or not.

Retainful supports both WooCommerce and Shopify. Other than that it can be easily integrated with apps like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Convertkit, Active Campaign, Mailer Lite and Brevo.

Three hits the sweet spot. And it is the most recommended number. The maximum you can go is five. The first email serves as a reminder, the second with a discount coupon, and the third to create urgency.

Timing can be a make or break. Make sure you are not overwhelming the customer with back-to-back emails. The ideal interval is the first email after an hour of abandonment, the second one after a day, and the third one after 2-3 days.

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